Share photos privately and directly, iPhone to iPhone. Without using cellular data, messaging or social media. Only send what you select.


Your friends automatically get your pictures if they're in your trusted circle. There's no need to message them or share on social media. If your friends are in your circle and using the app nearby, they will get your photos!


Only people you select can receive your photos and videos, and only while you are using the app. You can stop sending at any time and change your trusted list of people. Anything you take in the app goes to your Photos Library so you never lose it. When you receive a photo, it stays in the app unless you save it. There are no internet servers used. Only direct phone to phone transfer.

Share Anywhere

You can still share even when you're off the cellular network. You don't need WiFi either! Pics2Peer creates its own network with other iPhones nearby, but only shares with the ones you trust.